Tips & Tricks for installing Novabrik


Wet saws make less dust, rinse brick with clean water after using a wet saw.

A 14″ blade will allow you to cut 2 bricks at the time.

Use two separate drills, one for screwing and the other for drilling into the masonry (SDS hammer drill).

Have a good pair of snips to cut the trims.


When using power equipment follow safety procedures.

After drilling holes or cutting the Novabrik, brush off any dust or concrete chips that may remain on the brick.

Before installing the house wrap, mark down the location of the studs on the bottom horizontal furring strip, this way you will know where exactly you have to fasten the furring strips.


If the screw does not draw in to the furring strip properly, it is probably because you have not hit the stud. Move your screw and reinstall.

Hold down the face of the brick when fastening the Novabrik. This will prevent the brick from kicking out when fastening the bricks to the wall.

Give a firm rubber hammer strike down on a 2″ x 4″ setting on the bricks, before fastening the bricks and tap the face of the bricks. This will set and level the brick before you fasten the brick.


This booklet is the official Novabrik Installation Guide. Some of the components shown in this Guide may not be available in your area. Click here to know which components are manufactured or distributed by your local Novabrik Manufacturer.

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