ICI Installation

This section provides installation details for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) projects. These details will be useful to architects and commercial builders.

Novabrik Projects

Wood Structure
Steel Stud Framing
Concrete or CMU Wall
Insulated Concrete or CMU Wall


Wall Preparation
Windows & Doors
Reinforcement Header
Areas To Check


90° Exerior Corner
90° Exerior Corner With Other Siding
90° Interior Corner
90° Interior Corner With Overlapping
On A Wood Structure
Over Rigid Insulation
Soffit Details
Wainscot Cap
Architectural Wall Details (1)
Architectural Wall Details (2)

Around Openings

Window Sills
Window Trim
Window Capping
Above Openings
Soldier Course
Window Details
Round Top Window
Making An Arch

On Structural Insulated Panels

Typical SIP Installation

On CMU Walls

Typical CMU Walls

On Post Frame Buildings

Typical Post Frame Building

On Steel Studs

Typical Details
Over Steel Siding

On Insulating Concrete Forms

Typical ICF Installation
Corner Details