Frequently Asked Questions

Novabrik is a patented mortarless brick siding system. The tongue and groove units are made of high strength concrete. They overlap and interlock to create a strong, water resistant brick veneer. Novabrik hangs on the wall. No brick ledge or steel angle is necessary for support at the base of the wall or above openings. Novabrik can be installed on wood, steel and concrete structures.
Novabrik is installed on the wall with corrosion-resistant screws. They hang on the wall and lock together as they are stacked.
Novabrik measures 8″ high x 8″ long, the visible face measures 4″ high.
4.5 bricks are needed to cover one square foot of wall area (48.5 bricks/m²).
One brick weights 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)
Novabrik comes in a variety of colors. View them all on the Colors & Textures page.
Novabrik comes in two textures: SPLIT and SMOOTH. View them on the Colors & Textures page.
Novabrik costs about the same as good wood siding. You can also Get A Quote for your project. Our Novabrik professionals will advise you on what you need.
The color is permanent and won’t fade or peel like paint.
Yes. Just install pressure treated furring strips with concrete screws into the concrete foundation. And install as normal.
Yes. If you are comfortable working with a few basic tools – masonry saw, hammer drill, level and screw gun – you can install Novabrik. No special skills are required.
Your local Novabrik manufacturer or Dealer may be able to refer installers to you.
Use our Find A Dealer tool. Novabrik may not be available in your area yet. The network of licensed manufacturers and distributors is expanding. In the mean time, you can contact Novabrik International Inc. and we can arrange shipping to your location.
Like other concrete products, our high-strength Novabrik are made to last. Our products also come with a 50 year limited warranty for your peace-of-mind.
No. Only some of the bricks need holes. Use a hammer drill to make the job easy.
You should use corrosion-resistant screws, high quality coated deck screws will work fine. If you live in a coastal area (less than 5 miles (8 km) from the ocean) you have to use stainless steel screws.
On the first row you will use one screw per brick at each furring strip. After that, you will stack four more rows, and then install one screw at each furring strip. Novabrik are attached on only every fourth row at the furring strips. This fastening pattern can carry 7 times the weight of the brick veneer. No need to increase the number of screws.
We recommend that you use 1 in x 3 in wood strips if they are available, 1 in x 4 in will work just as well. There is no need to use pressure treated wood for the furring strips.
Furring strips do two things. They creates an air space between Novabrik and the house wall to let the siding breathe and they provide a positive connection for the brick while allowing you to correct uneven walls.
The furring strips are attached to the wall framing with our corrosion-resistant screws. Be sure to locate and attach the furring strips to the existing wall framing. These screws need to penetrate wood studs at least 1-1/4 inch.

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